Property Meth Testing

What is Methamphetamine Contamination?

Methamphetamine (meth) is one of a number of amphetamine-type drugs, not only is it a scourge on society but the manufacturing and smoking process for meth or "P" will leave toxic residues on carpets, walls, ceilings, and contents of homes, buildings and property.  

This presents a potential risk to your investment or source of income. Its use in your investment property represents a medical risk to those entering the property, and the financial risk to you.

  • Photo of exterior of property for easy identification
  • Date of test
  • who inspection is prepared for
  • who inspector is and contact details
  • Results from interior and/or exterior of property
  • Test levels Information from Analytica Laboratories 
  • Sample Method/Procedure – of Composite testing – diagram / flow chart
  • Whether the dwelling is vacated or tenanted

Meth contamination is rising, it spans all levels of society.  

Property Meth Testing

One of the worst fears when buying a house for your own family or owning a rental property with regard to the subject of meth is not knowing. By using our service, you can remove this nagging doubt allowing you to act if needed and have peace of mind if all is clear.

There are three main reasons why as a landlord or an agent you would have Meth testing done:

  • When you’re buying a house to ensure that it isn’t already contaminated 
  • Throughout the tenancy to minimise the risk of contamination happening or detecting it early, which reduces the cost of clean-up.
  • At the end of the tenancy to check the house is clean for the next tenant.

The clean-up costs of Meth contamination can run into thousands of dollars, not just involving cleaning the property, but also often involves extensive restoration depending on the level of contamination.

Our testing adheres to the New Zealand Standard (NZS 8510:2017).  You will receive a comprehensive report containining –

  • Test date and time
  • Who the inspection is prepared for
  • Inspectors contact details
  • Sample Method/Procedure of composite testing
  • Whether the dwelling is vacated or tenanted at the time of the test
  • Photo and results of exterior of property for easy identification including test levels from the labratory

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