Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace Drug Testing

Drug Misuse is a Major Health & Safety Risk in the Workplace

The use of drugs or alcohol can result in reckless and risk-taking behaviour from employees while at work, posing a high threat to those around them. This can lead to a number of issues including increased chances of injuries, fatalities and a less productive workforce. We work with companies to minimise the presence of drug misuse within their workforce. By implementing policies and being consistent with workplace drug testing this will allow companies to effectively build a strong health and safety management system.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre employment drug testing is a good way to assert to potential employees that your company takes drug and alcohol misuse very seriously and that the safety of your employees is a priority. Not only do we offer pre employment drug testing services to companies we also ensure all employees we send out through our labour hire services are drug tested before entering any work site. All our drug testing technicians are NZQA qualified to the AS/NZ S4308:2008

Employment Contract Amendments

We work closely with you to ensure your employment contracts include clauses that allow you to conduct employee drug testing and the ability to take immediate action on those who may be suspected of possession, consumption, or distribution of drugs/alcohol while in the workplace. For an employer to request a drug test from an employee it must be stated as a condition within the employment contract and on reasonable grounds. If your workplace is considered safety sensitive, it is important that your employment contracts state that workplace drug testing is a common practice.

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