Workplace Health and Safety

Establishing an effective, strong Health and Safety policy and system for your business is essential. It not only keeps your employees safe by mitigating potential risks but also protects your business if an unforeseen accident/incident happens.

Understanding your responsibilities as a PCBU (Person conducting a Business or Undertaking) is essential to running an effective health and safety management system. As a PCBU it is your primary duty of care to ensure your employees are looked after in the workplace and you are aware of the legal requirements as an employer.

The key piece of legislation for New Zealand’s workplace safety is the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. The purpose of this legislation is to ensure the protection of the health, safety and welfare of all workers and other individuals who may enter a work site minimising all potential risks. Other significant areas this Act cover includes implementing effective training/induction programs, offering fair worker representation opportunities and providing a safe working environment.

Our team has the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the seemingly ever-changing legislation to ensure your company is operating in a safe way. By developing an effective health and safety management system for your business we aim to significantly reduce the risk of workplace incidents and deliver a more productive workforce.

Workplace Health and Safety


We listen to the situation, ask relevant questions and investigate options.


From this understanding of the situation we formulate options. 


We offer advice aimed at securing the outcome that gives the right solution. 

How Can We Help?

SuccessHR offers a wide range of Health and Safety services. These range from working with you to develop a self-managed health and safety system, through to becoming a part of your team and working actively with you to manage your processes from toolbox meetings to incident investigations and reports.

Conduct a Health and Safety Audit

Having a Consultant conduct health and safety audits is an effective way to identify potential risks to your employees and anyone who visits your premises. They will work with you in your workplace to help ensure you will be compliant with current Health and Safety Legislation.

Create and Implement a Tailored Health and Safety Policy

We know each workplace is different and experiences a range of risks. That is why our expert Consultants work with you to design and implement an internal health and safety policy that will protect your employees.


Undertaking a thorough and fair investigation can be difficult and time consuming. We can support you through this process and take the pain away from you and allow you to remain focused on your core business.

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